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Dunkel De-Glover 

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US PAT # 6,241,134

The Dunkel De-Glover, a hands free glove removal device, is a new product developed for the healthcare professional by a healthcare professional as a device to assist the industry for a complete glove removal and disposal of latex exam gloves. The product assists the removal of exam gloves without the need of the secondary hand coming in contact of the contaminated glove.

​​​​This product will become essential in the medical, dental, culinary, military, rescue, police and any other industries that may require the use of latex gloves for protection. Other current developments is the glove dispenser, as seen in the u-tube video, as an anchor for assistance in the sale of both products.

The Dunkel De-Glover currently holds a patent for method of use due to its unique design that aids our environmental concerns today.